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WISH - Defense of the bridge

4.0 ( 4000 ratings )
Juegos Acción Estrategia
Desarrollador Balazs Attila Szasz

WISH is a real time strategy- action game, developed by Paradudum. Core gameplay was inspired from Relay Defense, from Mass Effect 3, and upgraded with a lot of features.

Great graphics and intuitive touch-screen controls, WISH makes it easy to jump into short, action-packed strategy battles no matter where you are.

Experience a classic arcade style game with a brand new 3D look, without timers, without energy balls or premium game currency. A true free-to-play game, just for you.

The game works best on iPhone 2 / iPhone 5s or better.

• Fast game sessions
• Real strategic battles
• Upgrade system
• Easy control
• Simple, avoidable tutorial
• Easy to learn game mechanics
• EVERYPLAY support

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